10 Reasons to Gambling

Most discussions of what motivates a person to gamble will usually begin by comparing gambling to life. And yes, life is a gamble, every time you breathe it can be your last. Getting out of bed in the morning can be the last thing you’ll ever do, but we all get out of bed almost every day. But casino gambling gives us choices that we usually don’t have in life; we can bet on the outcome, we can choose how much to risk and when to risk.
Gambling is defined by the Dictionary as follows:
To play a game of chance to earn money or some other bet, or to take risks for profit.

Here are the top 8 answers we received:


Las Vegas in the last 10 years has become a popular place to bring the family. Las Vegas has many attractions for family fun. And in the evening after the kids go to sleep there’s also plenty of adult entertainment.

To win and get rich:

Of all the people interviewed, these people seemed to be the least crazy. They come to casinos hoping to get rich and be able to quit their jobs and live a good life, but they also know that they will most likely have to get up Monday morning and get back to work.

Financial Problem:

There seems to be a lot of people who believe they can fix money problems by gambling. Most of the people who claim that money issues are the reason they gamble lose more money from gambling than those who were originally in debt and if they didn’t gamble it wouldn’t be so bad in their opinion. None of this group said they managed to win the money they needed.

Great places to have a wedding:

Apparently having weddings at some of the bigger casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City is becoming popular, it turns out that the casinos will give very good prices on the wedding hall and rooms for your guests, of course they do it knowing that the guests will be spending money at the casino so give a good price and the wedding is there with the best flowers

This is how they make a living:

I find that these people and those with money problems are very different. These people at least know how to bet, most of them have years of experience and some are regular tournament players with at least 1 win under their belt.

For a bachelor party:

The number of people giving this feedback makes it very clear that going to the casino for a bachelor party if is sure to gain popularity.

To leave the house:

I noticed that almost everyone in her category was all male and all of them had been married for more than 10 years and had children. They say they like to come to the casino on average about once a month for a few hours, play a few games and then head home.

For fun:

These guys have the right idea, but I can’t believe how low they score on the list. Having fun should be the number 1 reason to gamble. They just want to have fun taking a little trip to the Casino , have a free drink, play some games and if they win, great and if not that’s fine too. These guys come down with a certain amount they can afford to lose and aren’t mad or broke and they stick to it. These people all seem to be achieving there goals, none of them complaining about how close they are to achieving success or what if they just did this or that.

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