Biggest Trophy Slot Tournament Promo Prize

Hello Slot189 loyal friends, Today we are back to invite you all to join the Cup Slot Tournament at Slot189. For those of you who don’t really understand this Cup Slot Tournament, you can read the guide that we have provided below.

Take part in the Cup Tournament with a prize of Rp. 100,000,-
This tournament is held every Monday until Kamin at 12.00 Noon and ends at 11.00 Noon (23 Hours)
You can participate in the Trophy Slot Tournament for free, for every loyal Slo189 Member
Each participant will be given a Capital of 500 coins in the Tournament Special game
Participants are given 23 hours and a maximum of 20 spins
Participants are allowed in and out of the Tournament and Coins and the rest of the spins will not change
Tournament Slot Coins are non-cashable and will reset at 11,000 Noon the next day
For the participants who managed to collect the most coins until the end of the tournament who will be the champion
The Trophy Slot Tournament Champion will appear in the table after the Tournament is Over
Claim Prize Winners on Livechat / Whatsapp no ‚Äč‚Äčlater than 1 x 24 Hours
Prizes can be withdrawn after 1X Turnover
The decision of the Trophy Party is Absolute and cannot be contested
You can collect points to take part in the Tournament by playing on the Sports Cup, Cupbet, and Slot189 websites
Play Continuously and collect points, exchange them for various prizes and enter Trophy Slot Tournaments
Comingsoon slot303 pulsa Tipster Tournament and Tipster League
How to Join the Trophy Slot Tournament at Slot189:
Go to
Enter the Tournament menu
Join the Tournament
Thus the explanation and understanding that we provide on the trusted online slot gambling site , hopefully it will help you in participating in this tournament. Thank you.

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