Birth of Judi 101

The history of gambling is as old as human existence on earth. Homo Sapiens have always loved games. Games or gambling was a part of early human life as well. The main reasons for gambling in these moments are entertainment, utility and delight of the gods. As human progressed and improved with time, games became a source for making money. In today’s era gambling is taken with the aim of growing; The gambling industry is known to make many millionaires around the world.

However, gambling originates differently in different parts of the world. Most often the Greeks are accredited to be pioneers as well as supporters. Greek history and biblical references reveal gambling which was a cherished pastime of ancient Greece especially the Greek gods. They have a passion for playing games of chance. Some legendary stories posit the Greek goddess Fortune (daughter of Zeus and the goddess Chance, Tycho) as the creator of games of chance. his obsession with gambling led to him building separate rooms and even buildings for playing. This very concept of a private place for games led to the development of modern casinos in Europe.

Greece is especially crazy for dice games. But dice games are considered sacred. The Greeks believed that the output of the dice was the voice of God. For them god is used for answers to their requests through dice. So, dice games are more than just games for entertainment, they are mostly part of a tradition or ritual with which the Greeks have associated extraordinary values. The Greeks used special cups to roll and roll the dice. Their winner used to be the one who got the highest score by rolling the dice.

Apart from dice, Europe is the mother of several other games of chance. Europe began to enjoy accrued profits through the gaming industry. Prince Charles III because of his interest in playing games built many beautiful casinos. Europe has the world’s first casino. This shows Europe’s enthusiasm to try their luck at the game of chance. Today’s European countries like France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland etc. are evergreen tourist spots for gambling. They invite gambling lovers from every corner of the world.

Because even in the earlier days the game was prevalent everywhere, Native Americans also had their particular fondness for it. Games were in America long before the Europeans landed here. But there are slight variations. For example, Native Americans don’t play with a competitive spirit. The main purpose is entertainment and to get utility things through it. Gaming is taken in the spirit where enjoying the game is considered superior to winning and losing it. In some tribes the game is played with the sole purpose of making a living.

The situation is fraught with the arrival of Europeans. They preached and brought to light the richness aspect of the game. Europe introduced lottery in America. Lottery is a useful resource for them to earn big. The income thus collected served as an aid in the maintenance of the colony. The Europeans oblige perhaps everyone to play the lottery as a civic duty. Europe, especially France, brought many new games to America such as craps, roulette and card games.

Things were never the same after that in America. The country is seeing the emergence of different forms of gaming in different countries. Many newly built casinos which till date have the potential to lure any and every visitor who goes there. Nevada, where in America got gambling legalized after a tricky debate.

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