Guide on how to read bets and how to place soccer bets on SBOBET

Guide on how to read bets and how to place soccer bets on SBOBET

How to login, change password and create sbobet login name
· Go to in your browser.
· Write down the username and password you got from us, then click “Sign In”.
· You will be taken to the “Terms & Conditions” page. Select “I Agree”.
· You will be required to change your password first before entering the SBOBET main page.
· You will be taken to the main SBOBET page. A small message box will appear: “You are able to create a login name used to sign in to your account. Would you like to create your login name now?” if you select “Yes” then every time you log in you can use the login sbobet asia name that you have created, if you choose “Cancel” you can only login using the username that we have provided.
· The next time you log in, you must use the new password.
A brief explanation of important sbobet menus

To make it easier for us to explain with pictures for the main menus at SBOBET
The following explains the three sections in outline:
· The Top Menu contains menus that are useful for viewing our account details such as the bet list (full bet list), statements (details from win/lose), balance (win/lose) etc.
· The Left menu contains a list of the sports for which the SBO matches are opened and the types of bets. You can choose football, basketball, tennis etc.
· The Main Window lists the matches and their markets. The list of matches in the Main Window can change, depending on the sport or the type of bet you select in the Left Menu. Why do we call this the Main Window? Because to place your bet, everything is done in this window.
We will explain in more detail about these three menus in subsequent tutorials.

1. Time: Kolom ini menunjukkan waktu pertandingan.
2. Event: Kolom ini untuk pertandingan dan jenis kompetisinya.
Seperti Anda lihat pada gambar di atas, jenis kompetisinya adalah ENGLISH COMMUNITY SHIELD (In Wembley) dan ada pertandingan Chelsea vs Manchester United. Tim yang berwarna merah yang memberikan voor dan yang berwarna biru yang mendapat voor. Kalo kedua tim sama-sama berwarna biru, berarti pasarannya adalah lek-lekan.
3. FULL TIME: merupakan petunjuk bahwa ini merupakan taruhan hasil akhir atau FT (2×45 menit).
Didalamnya Anda dapat memilih mau bertaruh 1×2, HDP, OU atau OE.
4. FIRST HALF: merupakan petunjuk bahwa ini merupakan taruhan selama babak pertama atau HT saja (45 menit).
In it you can choose to bet 1×2, HDP, OU or OE.
5 . FT 1×2: stands for Full-Time 1×2.
In this example, we take the market for 1×2 FT from the match between Montpellier vs Bordeaux.
Previously, we first explained the system for this 1X2.
If we choose 1, it means that the Home or host team wins.
If we choose 2, it means the Away team or the guest wins.
If we choose X, it means the score is a draw.

In the picture above:
choice 1 means the Montpellier team must win.
Choice 2 means Bordeaux must win.
Option X means the score must be a draw.

Here, only the score is seen, so there are no voor-voorans.
Like option 1, Montpellier may win with any score, starting from 1-0, 2-0, and so on.

Now for the calculation of the numbers/values ​​you get.
If you choose 1 or Montpellier wins, the number is 2.87.
If you choose 1 for 100,000.

For example: if you win you will get: (100,000 x 2.87) – 100,000 = 287,000 – 100,000 = 187,000.
Or it can be called: (Number of pairs multiplied by value) then reduced by capital.

So please note that for all types of 1X2 bets, the winning value/number you see does not include a cut in capital.
If you lose, you only have to pay according to the number of pairs or 100,000.

If you choose 2 or Bordeaux wins, the number is 2.45.
If you win, you will get: (100,000 x 2.45) – 100,000 = 245,000 – 100,000 = 145,000.
If you lose, you only have to pay according to the number of pairs. If you choose X or Draw/Draw, the number is 3.1. If you win you will get: (100,000 x 3.1) – 100,000 = 310,000 – 100,000 = 210,000.
If you lose, you only have to pay according to the number of pairs.

6 . FT HDP: stands for Full-Time Handicap.
This column contains information for the Full-Time Handicap. In this picture (see the right of Bordeaux) there are numbers 0-0.5 in blue and -1.13 in red and 1.04 in black.

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