How to Play 1X2 Sbobet Soccer Gambling and Understanding 1X2 Games

How to Play 1X2 Sbobet Soccer Gambling and Understanding 1X2 Games

This time, we will discuss how to play sbobet 1X2 and the definition of 1X2 soccer gambling games??

The guide on how to play 1×2 soccer gambling is one of the agen maxbet interesting information to know. The type of 1×2 soccer gambling game is one of the favorite types of gambling games for the Indonesian people in addition to Handicap, Over or Under, Odds or Events and Correct Score.
This type of 1×2 gambling game is one type of game with a market that is easy to understand.

For this reason, it will be easy to understand for all of you who have just joined or have joined in online gambling for a long time.

However, although it is easy to understand, not everyone understands this type of gambling game.

Are you one of those people who are still confused about how to play 1×2 bets and how to calculate it? Don’t worry buddy, on this occasion I will share interesting and detailed information about the 1×2 playing guide and how to calculate it. Thus, my friend is guaranteed not to be confused anymore. The full description can be seen in the following article.

What is a 1×2 Bet?

Jenis taruhan bola 1×2 merupakan jenis taruhan bola dimana para bettor atau pemain akan diberikan pilihan sebanyak 3 pilihan Pilihan tersebut berupa pilihan untuk menebak pertandingan yang sedang dimainkan. Ketiga pilihan tersebut merupakan pilihan Home atau tuan rumah, Draw atau seri serta Away atau tamu. Taruhan judi bola 1×2 ini bisa dipasang pada setengah babak permainan maupun dalam satu babak permainan penuh.

In this type of 1×2 game, bettors or players are required to choose 1 of the three options that have been provided. These choices come with different Odds and Kei values. During my experience playing gambling on this 1×2 market, the higher the chance to win, the smaller the Odds value it gives, while the smaller the team’s chance to win, the bigger the Odds value it gives.
the following is a complete description of the guide to playing 1×2 on

How to Play and Calculate the 1×2 Ball Market.

To better understand how to play half ball, I will give an example to all of you.

Guide to Playing 1×2 FT ball or Full Time
Full Time or FT

Home Win (Liverpool, Odds @1.77)
Away Win (Chelsea, Odds @4.20)
X (Draw, odds 23.60)
Firt Half

Home Win (Liverpool, odds 2.34)
Away Win (Chelsea, Odds @4.20)
X (Draw, Odds @2.21)

The calculation formula is 1×2 = Odds -1 x Bet Amount
For example: a player places a bet for Liverpoll at Full Time with a total bet of Rp. 100,000 while at the end of the match Liverpool won the match with a score of Chelsea 1 – 2 Liverpool.

The total winnings that you will get are as follows:
Liverpool @ 4.20 the total bet value is Rp. 100,000
4.20 -1 x 100,000 = 320,000, so you will win with a total win of Rp. 320,000. The winning bonus that you get is quite high, that’s because the Odds value is quite high. The complete example can be seen in the table below:


1 2.46

X 3.20 2 2.92 FH 1×2 1 3.20 X 1.96 2 3.90 1= Host or Home, if you choose column 1 this means that you choose the guest who wins X = Draw, in this choice it means that you guess that the match will end in a draw 2 = Away or Away, this choice means that the opponent will win Example: In this game, my friend chooses Chelsea as the winner, then please click Odds 2.46 which is under the number 1. If the game ends with a score of 2 -0 then the game you choose wins. So many explanations and how to play sbobet soccer gambling.

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