The Easiest Way to Play Online Handicap For Beginners

The Easiest Way to Play Online Handicap For Beginners

Handicap is an online soccer gambling game, this handicap game can be categorized into a sportsbook. How to play a handicap is very easy, where players only guess the difference in goals in the competing teams.

For sportsbook soccer gambling lovers, a win is the main goal. By looking at the rising odds, it is one option for players to place bets on the team.

But for beginners who still feel confused or don’t know how to bandar sbobet88 play handicaps, especially at the odds. Well, on this occasion we will explain some of the odds values ​​in the online handicap soccer betting game.

Several Ways to Play Online Football Gambling Handicaps
How to play online soccer gambling handicaps is certainly not too difficult, but to find out there are several terms in the game. As below :

FT (Full Time) : One full 2×45 match.

HT (Half Time) : The first half or half of a 1×45 match.

Odds : The value used to measure the amount of prizes from handicap soccer betting bets.

Home (H) : Term for the host

Away (A) : designation for the visiting team

Before entering the Vooran discussion, players must be smart in reading the odds because the amount of the bet winning prize is calculated based on the odds of the online handicap game.
Odds are divided into two, namely @ minus (-) and @ (+) with the following explanation:

A. Chealsea Vs Leicester City (-1.60)
If in a handicap gambling game the player places a bet on Chealsea of ​​Rp. 200,000 and lose, then the loss is 1.60 X 200,000 = Rp. 260,000 if you win the profit is Rp. 200,000.

B. Barcelona Vs Sevilla (1.60)
If you place a bet on Barcelona of Rp. 200,000 and win then the amount of profit is 1.60 X 200,000 = Rp. 260,000
But if you lose you have a loss of 200,000

If you already understand what odds are, next we will explain what voor-vooran is that players need to know to be able to apply how to play handicaps online later.

The following is an explanation of voor-vooran in online handicap games:

Voor 0
In playing online handicaps, usually voor 0 bets are presented only for the matches of the strongest teams.
Voor 0 – 0.5 (1/4)
Leicester City Vs Stoke City (Leicester gives voor 1/4 to Stoke City) The calculation is:
Full win if Leicester manage to win the match. (1-0)
Lose half if the result of the match is a draw (draw).
Completely lost when Leicester lost the game.
3. Voor 0.5 (1/2)
Barcelona Vs Attletico Madrid (Barcelona voor 1/2 to Attletico Madrid) won all of
Barcelona came out victorious in that match. (1-0)
If you place on Barcelona if the match is a draw or lose, it will be declared a full loss.

Voor 1
As Roma Vs Lazzio (As Roma give voor 1 to Lazzio)
A player is said to have won the handicap if he placed a bet on As Roma and has a difference of 2 goals.
If you bet on As Roma, if you have a draw, you are said to have lost in full
Those are some explanations about how to play handicaps online.

A few explanations of how to play handicap online, as for beginners to understand in order to play this online handicap soccer gambling. Thank you happy playing.

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