Three Problems in Playing Transactions on Online Gambling Sites

The popularity of online gambling has been worldwide until now, it is growing rapidly day by day, especially in the country of Indonesia, where there are many fans of online gambling, so that many online gambling sites appear that provide various online gambling games, each of which is of course different.

With so many online gambling sites, it makes it easier for all gambling players to find online gambling sites to play their favorite online gambling games. To be able to play on online gambling sites, players are required to have a local bank account for registration, create an account (ID) to be able to log in and play. on the live casino88 game site as well as an account to make payment transactions.

So players need to pay attention also when registering on online gambling sites, for data it is required to fill in all valid data to make transactions easier, because registration data is a contact between online gambling site bookies and the players themselves to convey important information or things. via telephone number or Whatsapp and for accounts as a means of payment made via transfer transactions.

Sometimes there is a problem that can hinder us in any activity, as well as transaction activities, whether depositing or withdrawing funds that occur in the case of online gambling, we may experience problems, so we will share some info on problems that often occur, so hopefully players can understand and this problem must also be known to all gambling players so that there are no misunderstandings.

Three Problems in Playing Transactions on Online Gambling Sites

1. Unable to Transfer Funds to Deposit Account

For the first time, when the player wants to make a deposit or transfer funds to top up the playing balance. Players can check the destination account number first on the Deposit Funds menu or ask Customer Service first regarding the status of the bank used by the player so that transaction activities can run well and smoothly.

If the player when transferring funds appears the statement Account Number Not Found or has filled in the account number correctly but cannot be transferred several times. This indicates that the account to which the bank deposit is being made is experiencing problems and cannot receive incoming funds. sometimes there appears a description of the destination account has been closed in the previous deposit account. If this happens, the player may contact the Customer Service on duty.

2. Unable to Check Account Movement

The second thing that most often occurs is interference with certain banks and what all online gambling players hate the most is when making a deposit, there is interference with bank account mutations. Where this is Customer Service cannot check the transaction history of the balance that has been transferred by the player.

For disruptions to banks, any online gambling site dealer cannot check for account mutations, so when there is a bank disruption or there is no longer interference from the online gambling site, they don’t even know about it because of interference from the bank, players are expected to be patient For this inconvenience, usually this kind of disturbance can take a while and can also last a long time, therefore players can also send photos of clear and original ATM receipt transfer photos to be assisted by customer service in completing balance transactions.

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