Tips to Win Playing Poker Super Ten (10)

Super 10 poker game is one of the many games that are very interested in the people in Indonesia, especially for teenagers and adults. Because this gambling game itself very much provides various types of games that can be played. Like card gambling games or other gambling games for example, domino qq online gambling games, ceme fighter and there are many other types of interesting gambling games.

On this occasion, allow us to provide a complete explanation of the origin of the super 10 gambling game which is very popular and phenomenal today.

The Origins of the Super Ten Poker Gambling Game (10)

Super ten gambling game is a gambling game that uses cards like gambling cards in general. This card game was first born in the era of the ancient kingdom of Chinese society which is often referred to as the three pictures game. However, for the Indonesian people themselves, this card gambling game is often known as the Samgong gambling game.

Some time ago this very popular card gambling game has been released by several international gambling sites with the name of the game as Super 10, and the way to play dewa qq poker is of course the same as the game of three pictures or samgong. However, the difference is only in the mention of the name of the card gambling game itself.

This game is certainly very testing your adrenaline in playing Poker139 card gambling bets, so that you can play card gambling bets in this game you can directly register yourself through the gambling market poker web. because the gambling market gambling agent is one of the largest and most trusted official gambling agents in Indonesia who has dared to prepare the biggest bonus for those of you who join and play Poker139 with gambling market agents right now.

Super10 Poker Playing Tutorial for 100% Win

Super10 is a gambling game similar to the sakong game, where the cards used are rummy cards. Although it is said to be similar to the gambling game of sakong. However, there are some salient differences between super10 and sakong. situs slot deposit pulsa

Where the difference is in the game system.

In the Super ten gambling game, the way to determine a win is the same as the Sakong gambling game, namely, the highest value is 10. Where the king, queen, and jack cards have a value of 10 and the ace card has a value of 1.
In addition, this game use 3 cards. In the following below, we will explain the tutorial for playing Super10 so that you win 100%.

Learn Super10 Poker Games

The first thing that novice players must do is to learn the Super10 game first. You must understand very well how to play Super 10 and also the rules in the game.

Capital Preparation

The second thing is to prepare a solid capital. In playing Super10 we recommend that you prepare funds or capital that is at least 10 times larger than the amount of bets on the game table. That way you can increase the bet when the card you hold is good.

Betting on the Small Table

In every gambling game, beginner players are always advised to play on small bets first. So that new players can learn the techniques of playing Super 10 as well as when if you suffer a defeat of course will not lose too much capital

Bullying Other Players

You can bluff or what is known as bluffing other players, if the card you get is not so good. By bluffing or bluffing other players, of course, you can make your opponent give up so that you will win the game. But keep in mind, that this technique is sometimes not very effective for some players. So please be careful when bluffing.

Focus on Playing

When you play, try to focus because of the conditions and opportunities to win, it all depends on the level of focus of the player. If you have a good focus, then your chances of winning are definitely greater. Vice versa.


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