Unique Stories About Successful Gamblers That You Don’t Know

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As you all know there are many stories or stories about successful gamblers in this world, maybe some of you do not know about it, so this time we will tell some successful gamblers that you may not know , ranging from ordinary people to even the most famous artists in the world, the following:

Don Johnson

The first story begins with a man named Don Johnson working as CEO of Heritage Development, a man who at first disliked gambling because he thought it was a scam, but eventually Don Johnson wanted to know about gambling and started playing in a casino. ever won up to 6 Million US $ or the equivalent of Rp 72 Billion just playing 1 night at one of the Casinos in Atlantic City. Looking at the nominal win is very much of course, but continued in the next few days Don Johnson played again and often won bets until there was information Johnson’s total win reached 15 US $ Million or about Rp 195 Billion.

With the victory is also a question of many people, of course, where at first Don Johnson who does not like gambling and can win a large amount sounds strange in people’s ears, and in the end was searched Don Johnson with his experience of daftar live casino and seeing opportunities and the chance for him to win with his intelligence he has a good counting ability trick in the game and he stakes his money in large sums in a row – in turn he wins the game according to his calculations.

From then on, Don Johnson’s name was heard and widely known by other casinos in Atlantic City to ban him from playing again and spread throughout the United States, until – until that time Don Johnson got the nickname of the Man of the Atlantic City Burglar to this day. . After the incident Don Johnson finally returned to life in the beginning and enjoyed the success of the gambling winnings by traveling the world with his family.


Anonimus was formed by a group of people who work as system hackers or called Hackers, a group of people who once managed to break into the Crown Casino located in the city of Melbourne Australia as much as 33 Million US $ or equivalent to Rp 430 Billion by hacking the existing Camera system casino and used as a Scout Eye at the Casino itself to make it easier for them to gamble with big bets while they can keep an eye on and snoop on the cards of other gamblers who are in the casino.

After successfully breaking into Casino Crown in Melbourne, Australia, the group then wanted to try to hack the SBOBET site system by registering Online Gambling , they did not succeed in hacking it because the system in SBOBET was not easy to break into, so they canceled their intention to break into the site system. SBOBET.

Ben Affleck

This man named Ben Affleck is one of the best American actresses, his best film role ever achieved is with the movie edevil or Armageddon, but Ben Affleck also has a hobby of playing Poker. With his experience playing Poker to become proficient in playing and one day Ben Affleck once won up to 400,000 US $, of course, his victory is quite large and in addition to him, this incident happened in 2004 ago.

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